Committed to tipping
the scales in our clients’ favor
in each and every case

Our Commitment

We serve a demanding clientele whose legal challenges span a broad spectrum of complexity and subject matter in a variety of sectors. Our clients—individual, commercial, and institutional—all share a common expectation: first-class legal advice, insight, and service to achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious they may be, whenever they arise. They also, quite rightly, expect us to find creative and unique solutions for their most difficult cases.

To meet these expectations, we focus on matters that require our personal attention and cumulative expertise. We do not generally handle ordinary matters and we limit the number and types of engagements we accept. Consequently, the matters we take on are afforded the direct personal attention of our partners. This is how we deliver a world-class client experience while simultaneously remaining approachable, accessible, and down to earth.

Although the firm was founded on over 50 years of collective success handling controversies in a range of cases in various tribunals, we continue to focus on anticipating our clients’ needs in today’s day and age, remaining on the forefront of developments that will shift the legal landscape, while meeting the demands of an increasingly complex and fast-paced society.

Our Approach

Strategy and vision are cornerstones of our approach. Whether counseling a client or handling a lawsuit, defining the terrain, knowing where the case needs to go, and devising a strategy to get there is a skill that truly sets us apart. At Sweeney & Scharkey strategy and vision are passions. We enjoy the process and routinely achieve success because of it. This makes for undeniable excellence every step of the way.

A winning case strategy takes time to develop—time to get to know our clients, learn about their businesses, industry, and competition, and explore their specific goals. For that reason, we don’t accept every case or client. We select only those cases we believe in—and believe we can win.

For those select cases, each of our clients benefits from the experience, knowledge, and reputation of a team dedicated to achieving superior results through strategic and aggressive advocacy. In fact, everything we do is aimed at making the most persuasive, effective, and credible presentation of the case. Delivering a successful result is not just about winning; it’s also about how we conduct ourselves and go about our business, ethically and professionally.

Our Fees

We believe our fees should be tied to the results we achieve—whether we are representing a plaintiff or a defendant, individual or corporation. For decades, the billable hour has been the primary means by which lawyers are compensated. Our structure allows us to be flexible and disrupt decades of tradition.

In keeping with that philosophy, we offer a number of fee arrangements tailored to our clients’ needs, including flat fees, success fees, monthly fees, blended rates, contingency fees, partial contingency fees, capped fees, collared fees, and any number of functional alternatives. In many of our engagements, some portion of our fee is tied to the success we achieve. And our clients are best served by our flexibility and willingness to share a portion of their risk, however great.

Not all matters are suitable for an alternative fee arrangement. Indeed, clients often approach us seeking non-monetary compensation, such as injunctive or declaratory relief. In those cases, we strive to make our fees predictable. Predictability allows our clients—companies and individuals alike—to plan and budget without worrying about unknown or unpredictable legal expenses. And when it comes to matters that we handle on an hourly basis, we hew to a simple “no surprises” philosophy.